Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kamitokura to Otani Dam part 3

After some quick downhills on 6.5% & 7% grades and riding along route 9 for a short distance I was soon on route 289 and in a wide valley that gave me fantastic views of the distant snow covered mountains. Also the farmers in this valley were making the most of the great weather as were several packs of cyclists out training. In the distance I could see a large rock face that I had seen before in local tourist magazines the area is called Shitadamura and has a nice campground, plus nearby there appeared to be a large onsen which was very busy judging from the full carpark. I stopped off to take a short look at the campground and several families were either packing up their tents or cooking lunch. There was also a couple of small mobile homes and a caravan which is a rare sight in Japan.

POsted above are some photos of the valley leading to Shitadamura and the campground

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