Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kamitokura to Otani Dam part 4

After a short stop at the campground I pressed on up the valley towards Otani Dam. On the hill climb leading up to the dam another road cyclist passed me but I wasn't even near the top when he passed me again going back down the mountain. What's the point of cycling into some beautiful countryside if you barely spend 5 seconds admiring the view before turning around and heading home. I really don't understand this type of cyclist at all and it seems there only goal is how quick they can get to their destination & back and because of this they always miss out on all the interesting sights along the way. Eventually I made it to the top of the Otani Dam and could see several buildings across the other side of the dam and a picnic area which seemed like a perfect place to stop for lunch. Several families were having picnics on the grassed area nearby the buildings and that's where I stopped for lunch and my first chance to brew up some coffee on a ride since I acquired the Optimus 8R gas stove. While consuming my sandwiches I lit up my cooker to boil some water for coffee and to my surprise it started up on the 1st match and the water was boiling in no time. It was so pleasant taking in the view of the dam & the surrounding snow capped mountains on such a nice day that I could have easily fallen asleep if I had stayed longer.

Pictured above are some views of the dam and the spot where I took lunch.

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Bon said...

Thanks for posting the panoramic view of Otani Dam. A very nice place to visit. I was there with my fellow Filipino friend way back 2005.