Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pottering about the city

Well as today was a fine day my mate Brian dropped by my place around mid morning and we decided to do some inner city pottering. Niigata is a rather large city and you can easily fill in the entire day just cycling around the inner city area. so after my late breakfast we headed towards the coast and took the tunnel under the shinano river which leads along the beaches that border the city center. Along the top of the cycle path we stopped for a short rest to take a drink and nearby the local kids were practicing baseball, Which you can see in the background of one of the above photos. After that we headed to one of the older neighborhoods in Niigata city , Gako Cho where I heard one of my customers was selling homemade pizza at a local festival. Most of these local festivals follow the same format with local shops and residents selling everything from food, beer, recycled clothing , antiques, fishing rods etc and you never know what kind of bargain you are likely to find. As I have almost finished restoring my 1981 Vespa 50s I've been looking at helmets and while walking among the street stalls I spied a jet style helmet with a visor that looked pretty good. After trying the helmet on and find out it fitted me perfectly I asked how much the chap wanted for it and to my surprise he only wanted 2000 yen which is about US $ 20 . The helmet was only purchased last year and in perfect condition so I quickly handed over the cash and luckily my mates wife owns a hair salon in the neighborhood so I gave her the helmet for safe keeping so I can collect it later.

Pictured above is a photo of me along the cycle path above Hiryori beach and the other two photos we taken at the festival in Gako cho.

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