Sunday, 19 September 2010

My new job

Well if you were wondering why I haven't posted anything recently on 3speedtouringinjapan it's because I have been rather busy helping to set up a brand new bicycle shop in the center of Niigata City. I do not own the shop but had a lot of input into the design and layout as I'm the manager of the shop. I never thought I'd ever be managing a bicycle shop in Japan but I'm happy to be repairing & selling bicycles again in a country where most foreigners only teach English. I used to work in bicycles shops back in New Zealand & have enjoyed repairing bicycles since I was given a small bicycle repair book for my 8th birthday. At present there aren't any 3 speeds in the shop but there are a couple of older bicycles that have been restored. If anyone is wanting any parts from Japan just let me know. I also sell my hand made NZ / Australian style pies from outside the store every Wed, Sat & Sun so if you are ever in Niigata city come along to my shop which is on Nishibori Dori 4 Bancho. Pictured above a few photos of the store


Jeff said...

Congratulations, Don, on your new business endeavour. A very good fit, if you ask me. Do I spot a vintage, yellow Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed? What is the brown bike below it?

Are 70's era Suntour components readily available in Japan at reasonable prices?

And how nice that you are able to also sell your pies at the same location!

Don Speden said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the kind comments and yes I had a yellow vintage Schwinn collegiate 5 speed but it's no longer in the shop as it was sold last week. The bike below it in the photo is a Japanese made DAVOS trad touring bicycle, do a search on the net for them as their bikes are very well made but quite reasonable. As for 70s Suntour , even in Japan older Suntour can fetch high prices but I know of one shop that may have what you need and I can get a good deal from him on most stuff, let me know what you are looking for and I might be able to find something .


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Mr. S. said...

You should put up your shop contact information. I'd be interested in a Sturmey S3X wheel, as I do not have the patience to deal in Japanese. I am in Tokyo, but the post is reliable here.