Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cycle Mode 2010 part 4

After viewing most of the trade stands I thought I had seen everything of interest but then to my surprise was a small corner stand decked out with enlarged Frank Patterson classic cycling prints with 3 vintage bicycles on display and a mannequin wearing a modern version of a traditional rain cape and cap. The oldest bike on display was a nice original ladies Sunbeam belonging to Kazusuke Koike of Tokyo. Being a antique / vintage bicycle fan I was surprised to see such a display at Cycle Mode amongst all the latest high tech bicycles and asked Mr Koike if there was any kind of organized group in Japan for antique / vintage bicycles which unfortunately there isn't . He did say that a small group of riders get together now and again who have an interest in vintage carbide lamps etc but it would be nice if there was at lest an annual antique / vintage bicycle rally held in Japan. My current job is rather busy but maybe in the future I might be able to organize something as I'm sure it would be great fun.

Pictured above is Mr Koike's display

Cycle Mode 2010 part 3

One of the other trade stands I wanted to visit was Eurobike which import some interesting brands one of which is Kemper - Dursley Pedersen replicas. The bike on display was fitted out with Shimano's version of grip shift and looked rather nice but I would have preferred to have seen it fitted with Sturmey Archer instead of Shimano. The same company has just started importing Sturmey Archer and had a good selection of Sturmey's new 3 speed fixed Shimano's hubs, crankset's etc on display and if S.A is cheaper it might temp a few people to try them out maybe.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cycle Mode 2010 part 2

Another importer which also deals in Brooks products had a nice display and I got quite excited when I saw a Pashley Governer on display , I believe the Governer that was on display is their top of the range model which had brass plated lugs. Next to the governor was a Pashley Clubman which was also a very nice bike but upon talking to the importer the bikes were only on display and Pashley Bicycles are not imported into Japan at present. The main complaint being that Pashley is rather slow at conducting international business and for that reason their bicycles are not imported to Japan at present. I hope in the near future that Pashley will look at getting into the Japanese market as I'm sure their bicycles would sell well here. On the same trade stand was a selection of new Brooks duffel bags made from canvas and leather which also looked very nice.

Cycle Mode 2010

Hi Everybody

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while but my new job is keeping me rather busy, but it's fantastic to be working in a bicycle shop again after a break of many years. Last Friday my workmate and I took the bullet train to Tokyo to attend the international cycle trade show called Cycle Mode, the event was held in a huge indoor event space in Chiba which is about 30 mins by train from Tokyo station. I took a number of photos of the various new 2011 models but as this blog is dedicated to vintage bicycles I have included the above set of photos that I found of interest. The Brooks trade stand was very nicely laid out with a bicycle on display featuring their new brick lane panniers set against a brick wall, the panniers look very well made and the muted colors would look nice on any traditional bike set up for touring. Just behind the fake brick wall was the entire range of brooks saddles including their new range of organic leather saddles in a natural leather color, the leather on these saddles appears to be a bit thicker than most standard brooks that are currently in production. The was also a display of the colt saddles which now come in a range of colors, I don't think I'll be putting a pink colt saddle on my Humber anytime though !. Also there was a fixe built up using Brooks products on display as now many younger riders are fitting Brooks saddles to their track bikes. Brooks saddles in Japan sell quite well and are gaining popularity all the time. Pictured above are some photos of the Brooks trade stand