Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cycle Mode 2010 part 2

Another importer which also deals in Brooks products had a nice display and I got quite excited when I saw a Pashley Governer on display , I believe the Governer that was on display is their top of the range model which had brass plated lugs. Next to the governor was a Pashley Clubman which was also a very nice bike but upon talking to the importer the bikes were only on display and Pashley Bicycles are not imported into Japan at present. The main complaint being that Pashley is rather slow at conducting international business and for that reason their bicycles are not imported to Japan at present. I hope in the near future that Pashley will look at getting into the Japanese market as I'm sure their bicycles would sell well here. On the same trade stand was a selection of new Brooks duffel bags made from canvas and leather which also looked very nice.

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