Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cycle Mode 2010 part 4

After viewing most of the trade stands I thought I had seen everything of interest but then to my surprise was a small corner stand decked out with enlarged Frank Patterson classic cycling prints with 3 vintage bicycles on display and a mannequin wearing a modern version of a traditional rain cape and cap. The oldest bike on display was a nice original ladies Sunbeam belonging to Kazusuke Koike of Tokyo. Being a antique / vintage bicycle fan I was surprised to see such a display at Cycle Mode amongst all the latest high tech bicycles and asked Mr Koike if there was any kind of organized group in Japan for antique / vintage bicycles which unfortunately there isn't . He did say that a small group of riders get together now and again who have an interest in vintage carbide lamps etc but it would be nice if there was at lest an annual antique / vintage bicycle rally held in Japan. My current job is rather busy but maybe in the future I might be able to organize something as I'm sure it would be great fun.

Pictured above is Mr Koike's display

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