Thursday, 20 January 2011

Update on Lauterwasser bars

Quite some time ago I mentioned that Soma Fab had e mailed me with some questions concerning the production of some classic Lauterwasser bars. As my Humber has a pair of these bars I gave them a good review of the bar and hoped that one day they would finally go into production. Well that day has arrived as you can now see them on the Soma Fab website. The nice thing is they are now making them in alloy & steel so I'd like to say a big thanks to Soma Fab for making these available again and I will be stocking these bars at Furumachi Bicycle as soon as they are available in Japan.

The info below was taken from the Soma Fab website as well as the photo posted above

At Soma we love bringing back obscure designs. The original Lauterwasser bars were hand made by English Olympic cyclist and cycling engineer Jack Lauterwasser in the 1930's.
We updated it to accept modern 25.4mm stems and mountain bike style grips and levers. With its shallow drop, there is no excuse not ride in the drops.


• 480mm width
• 90mm drop
• 22.2mm grip area
• 25.4 mm center
• In polished aluminum or
chrome-plated steel


Scone said...

Hi Don,
I've just bought a the Soma bars for my commuting bike - take a look at the pics:


Don Speden said...

Hi Scone

Thanks for the message and it's nice to hear from a Kiwi Cyclist. Your recent build looks pretty nice and I'm sure you'll enjoy riding it. I'm looking forward to getting my French road bike restored and I'm going to replace the French headset with a standard 1 inch one so then all I need to do is to locate some nice 27" road forks with a 140 mm steerer tube and purchase some bars. If you ever want anything from Japan re bike parts etc just let me know.

Cheers Don
Furumachi Bicycle

Jeff said...


I had not checked in a while and just wanted to make sure that you were alright after the quake. From the map, it appears that you are on the other side of the island.


Don Speden said...

Hi Jeff

Yes we are ok here in Niigata City, but we just had another huge quake last night. The damage to the other side of Japan is unbelievable as I've sure you have seen on the TV and in the News it will take years to clean everything up.