Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dia compe brakes & Nitto racks

Hi everyone

As promised I have attached two scans from some catalogs at my bicycle shop here in Niigata City as one of my blog follower's asked me about the availability of Dia Compe center pull brakes, Japan's answer to the Mafac center pulls and what different models of Nitto racks are available in Japan. Some of these products may not be available outside of Japan but if any one is interested in purchasing something just let me know. All the prices shown in the two pages I have scanned include tax and of course postage would be extra on top of that. The company that owns my bicycle shop is able to take Paypal so it would be possible to pay for items using that method. I don't really intend to sell stuff via this blog but if you are in need of something that cannot be found elsewhere and if it's manufactured in Japan I can most likely order it for you.

Cheers Don
Furumachi Bicycle

Ps If you need to see a larger copy of these scans please check them out on my Flickr page at

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

1970 Jeunet franche Comte

Hi Everyone

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog entry but my bicycle shop has been flat out recently as at present there is a huge bicycle boom happening in Japan and even many importers have run out of stock and many have sold their entire years supply already. Now many distributer's have placed new orders with their factories in Taiwan and more stock will be available in June. This boom is partly because of the following factors , recent earthquakes, Tsunami's and the rising price of gas has made many people to either purchase a brand new bicycle for commuting or they are getting their current bicycle overhauled and repaired which is great for people like myself. My shop rubbish bin is full of worn out clusters , brake pads and rusty chains as most bikes coming in to be repaired and cleaned need these parts replaced because of Niigata's lovely weather any bicycle that is left outside soon turns to rust which makes it un ridable.

Last winter I imported a nice old 1970 French Jeunet Franche Comte that I have been slowly restoring and the other day when it was raining I had a few hours to spare so I finally put it back together , I'm still awaiting on a few more parts from a collector friend in the US namely a Simplex Prestige front derailleur, Mafac levers & a TA water bottle cage. At present I have put a Brooks B17 saddle on it ( Yes I know it's not French but I love Brooks saddles ) and an old tool bag which is not of the same period but it looks nice and because I use a Carradice saddle bag on my Humber I cannot strap the tool bag onto that bike. Pictured above are a couple of photos that I took of the Jeunet outside my shop yesterday.

My next posting will be in direct response from one of my blog followers who is interested in Dia Compe center pull brakes and Niito bicycle racks so as soon as I get time I will scan some of that information from my shop catalogs and post it here. If anyone is interested in buying some parts from Japan that are not readily available elsewhere I can most likely help you out so just let me know what you are looking for.

Cheers Don
Furumachi Bicycle

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mono Style magazine

In Japan there is a vast array of bicycle magazines and since I have lived here the number of such publications has certainly increased as bicycles have become more popular. Now most magazines feature stories relating to bicycles or bicycle fashion etc and recently my shop has been featured in a popular national magazine called Mono Style. The article in the photo above is related to the vintage mountain bikes that I have been restoring since my shop opened last sept. My boss is also a big fan of vintage / retro MTBs and it all started with me restoring for him a fully chrome 1985 Mongoose ATB , shorty after that he had aquired several more vintage MTBs which keep me busy over the long cold winter. The bicycles that I restored are currently in an exhibition in Tokyo but due to return to Niigata for another exhibition in mid May. All the bikes in the exhibition are also for sale and has been closely restored to their original condition. Pictured above is the cover of Mono Style magazine and the article about my shop.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Furumachi Bicycle shop

Hi Everyone

Well as it seems the winter is over and we have even had a few days of warm weather my bicycle shop has been very busy. At this time of the year in Japan a lot of people are getting their bicycles serviced for the cycling season and purchasing new bicycles. Furumachi Bicycle is an agent for the following brands Cinelli, Masi, Fuji, Kona, Avenue, Surly, Davos and many others. If you are interested in purchasing a brand new bicycle here in Japan and do not speak Japanese just drop me a line as I'm sure I could most likely find the type of bicycle & size you are looking for plus we can ship bicycles anywhere in Japan. I also stock a wide range of parts and can order Shimano & Campagnolo components plus we stock ever popular Brooks saddles as well. If you have a bicycle in need of restoration no matter what period I can restore it for you as I have experience restoring & repairing bicycles from the late 1880s to modern Road & Mountain bikes. Pictured above are a few bicycles that I have restored