Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dia compe brakes & Nitto racks

Hi everyone

As promised I have attached two scans from some catalogs at my bicycle shop here in Niigata City as one of my blog follower's asked me about the availability of Dia Compe center pull brakes, Japan's answer to the Mafac center pulls and what different models of Nitto racks are available in Japan. Some of these products may not be available outside of Japan but if any one is interested in purchasing something just let me know. All the prices shown in the two pages I have scanned include tax and of course postage would be extra on top of that. The company that owns my bicycle shop is able to take Paypal so it would be possible to pay for items using that method. I don't really intend to sell stuff via this blog but if you are in need of something that cannot be found elsewhere and if it's manufactured in Japan I can most likely order it for you.

Cheers Don
Furumachi Bicycle

Ps If you need to see a larger copy of these scans please check them out on my Flickr page at


Stranded said...

I'm glad to see the bikes are still rolling in Japan! Cheers,

Timmy said...

Thanks for the link, I was wondering where to find a larger copy of these scans.

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広島市東区戸坂千足ー丁目11番15ー103号 said...

Hello, I am Amir Feroze from Hiroshima city.

Recently, I collected a 1993 MIYATA ATB:
RCE スーパーリッジランナーカーボンE

Following are bicycle details:

The original owner, Mr. Hosokawa, bought the bicycle from
(katz.NEKOMOTO) of Hiroshima city. The bicycle registration form dates May, 1993.

My Japanese wife and I love cycling for recreation + adventure. This Miyata caught our eyes.

We are looking for bicycle specialist who may either fully restore the bicycle frame or restore the full bicycle to it's
original details.

We have all originals:
MIYATA safe cycling book (A)
SUNTOUR XC EXPERT information cards

The frame and the fork are accident-free. We will love to hear from you if you may be interested in our MIYATA restoration. For future correspondence, feel free to reach us at

Amir Feroze
Hiroshima Municipal Board Of Education
Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Japan