Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mamas Gun - Bicycle Race (Queen Cover)

A cover of the Queen song " Bicycle " by UK band Mamas Gun. The Guitarist is my ex workmates brother, great band check out their clips on Youtube. The bicycle scenes were filmed in Holland

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Uni Cycling - Elsbet 2011

For those of you who follow this blog I guess you would be wondering why I'm posting something about uni cycles , well apart from riding traditional 3 speeds and building replica high wheel bicycles I also enjoy all types of cycling. I guess I've tried most forms of cycling over the years. I rode a BMX as a kid, my father & I built a unicycle when I was about 13 years old,raced MTBs in the early 1990s, toured the South Island of NZ and Northern Thailand on my trusty 1989 Gary Fisher CR - 7 MTB , represented NZ at the Australian penny farthing championships , rode in a vintage track event ( 1903 BSA track bike ). Not so long ago thanks to the internet I discovered the uni cycling has come a really long way in the past 10 years. There are now several types of riding styles from Freestyle, street, trials, distance, Muni etc and because of my limited free time these days I decided to take up uni cycling again just for fun and to get in shape. Posted is a recent short movie from a event held in Europe showing 3 different styles of uni cycling that are popular today - Muni ( mountain uni cycling )Street & trials. If you are looking to put some balance back into your life get yourself a unicycle and have some fun. My new 24" Nimbus unicycle is arriving next week !

Primo Alley Cat

Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven't posted anything in ages but I've been flat out at my bicycle shop and as we are in the middle of rain season it's wickedly hot and humid - not the perfect weather for long distance cycling. I've been busy with our 1st shop event which is an inner city Alley Cat ( cycling around the city going to various check points and writing down the answers from some quiz questions ) . Because it was raining last Sunday the event will now be held this coming Sunday so I'm hoping we get a break from all the rain and the event can be held. The after party is going to be held at my mates NZ bar " The Local " so it should be great fun and I have heaps of nice spot prizes from our Australian sponsor KNOG , the maker of it's famous silicone coated lights, locks etc. After the event I'll post some photos of it.