Thursday, 28 July 2011

Unicycle free mount !

After several weeks of almost getting the free mount I put the 24 inch Nimbus in the back of my van & drove about 25 mins across the city to Toyano Park which is home to the soccer & baseball stadium. It a pretty big park and has a covered area under the highway that passes by the stadiums so even if it's raining it would be possible to practice uni cycling. But as luck would have it the rain had stopped and even though the humidity was high it wasn't so hot. After finding a nice flat open area next to the baseball stadium I started practicing my free mount and after several failed attempts I finally got it which was awesome. Though out the afternoon I practiced some more and did several more free mounts and found that I didn't really need to hold the front of the saddle to be able to free mount. I did several 100mtr rides in the park after free mounting and it's really a great workout as my thighs were burning by the time I had finished 2 hours of practice. I can't consistently free mount as yet but I sure that will come with more practice. I took the above photos at the park on my phone that's why the picture quality is bad but you can get an idea of the size of the park.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My new bike

New bike , well half a bike but twice the fun, no chain, no gears to worry about etc. A new Nimbus 24 inch free style unicycle with the latest unicycle hub technology ISIS hub with 125mm Q- Ax cranks , the wheel has 48 spokes for extra strength and for a slightly overweight rider it's perfect. I haven't ridden a unicycle in 20 years but managed to do 50 mtrs down the street this morning . But it looks like I need to start from scratch again and learn the basics , next step learn to free mount instead of holding onto the neighbor's fence !. I spent about an hour & a half this morning learning to ride again and it was a good workout in this humid weather & cheaper than going to a sports gym !

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Furumachi bicycle Alley Cat event

Well yesterday we were finally able to hold our Alley Cat cycle event , it was supposed to be last Sunday but due to heavy rain in was put off till yesterday. We had 24 riders of all ages , the youngest member was 3 year old Kato kun on the back of his Dads bicycle. The winner completed the 12 checkpoints in about an hour on a Fuji fixie but the overall winner was a guy on a red classic style Mama chari who managed to complete the entire course and all his answers were correct , he won the top prize of a Knog messenger bag , he was most surprised that he had won the event. Everybody had a great time and many riders stayed on at "The Local " a NZ bar for the after party. Pictured above are a few photos I took yesterday .