Sunday, 3 July 2011

Furumachi bicycle Alley Cat event

Well yesterday we were finally able to hold our Alley Cat cycle event , it was supposed to be last Sunday but due to heavy rain in was put off till yesterday. We had 24 riders of all ages , the youngest member was 3 year old Kato kun on the back of his Dads bicycle. The winner completed the 12 checkpoints in about an hour on a Fuji fixie but the overall winner was a guy on a red classic style Mama chari who managed to complete the entire course and all his answers were correct , he won the top prize of a Knog messenger bag , he was most surprised that he had won the event. Everybody had a great time and many riders stayed on at "The Local " a NZ bar for the after party. Pictured above are a few photos I took yesterday .

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