Thursday, 7 July 2011

My new bike

New bike , well half a bike but twice the fun, no chain, no gears to worry about etc. A new Nimbus 24 inch free style unicycle with the latest unicycle hub technology ISIS hub with 125mm Q- Ax cranks , the wheel has 48 spokes for extra strength and for a slightly overweight rider it's perfect. I haven't ridden a unicycle in 20 years but managed to do 50 mtrs down the street this morning . But it looks like I need to start from scratch again and learn the basics , next step learn to free mount instead of holding onto the neighbor's fence !. I spent about an hour & a half this morning learning to ride again and it was a good workout in this humid weather & cheaper than going to a sports gym !


Matteo said...

Pretty cool! I spent some time with the Hong Kong Unicycling Hockey Team last March, and now I'm motivated to get myself a unicycle to learn how to ride it. I've been looking for one on craigslist here in the States. I've heard 24" is the best size to get.

Don Speden said...

Hi Matteo

Thanks for the comments and as the manager of a bicycle store here in Japan, I work most days on high tech bikes and because I'm so busy I have only a little free time for cycling myself. At least with the unicycle I can just practice on it in front of my house or if it's raining I can go to a covered car park. Check out as they have the best range of unicycles and prices to suit everyone. And Yes 24" is a great size as you can do most things on it.

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