Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The CR - 7

Many years ago while living NZ I had a the chance to buy a used but in good condition 1989 Gary Fisher CR-7 MTB. This bike was fantastic for racing, hill climbing and even fully loaded with touring bags made a great touring bike for my tours of the South Island of NZ & Northern Thailand. After my Thailand adventure I returned to my job at Ayres Rock resort in the outback of Australia to save enough money to come to Japan on a working holiday , just before I was about to leave my room mate offered to buy my Fisher CR - 7 and in need of extra cash at the time I foolishly sold it to him, never to see another one again for 10 years. Since managing Furumachi Bicycle here in Niigata city I have had the opportunity to purchase two from the US, the 1st one was a 1989 model but once I started restoring it I discovered that the head tube was cracked and unsafe to ride. I did salvage all the parts off it I could but the main front alloy triangle was thrown out in the rubbish. But recently I restored a fantastic 1st model 1987 Gary Fisher CR - 7 with full Suntour XC Comp components which is now for sale in my shop and about a month ago an old guy brought in a Japanese made 1989 Kuwahara XR -7 which is direct copy of Gary Fisher's design. Pictured above are the two bikes and the Kuwahara XR - 7 was only an export model according to a recent phone call with the Kuwahara factory in Osaka.


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