Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pottering about the hills of Shibata part 2

After passing through the tunnel I found out the bridge over the dam was closed due to repairs being carried out, So I turned to my left and and rode the fantastic smooth sealed road around the lake. This section used to be gravel many years ago but the area is popular with fisherman trying to hook a black bass and at the top of the lake is the nearest rock climbing area to Niigata City so I guess because of the increase of traffic they finally decided to seal the entire road. I was surprised to see how low the lake level was and the amount of damage that had been caused by the recent heavy rains. The side creeks running into the lake were in a bad state and a lot of erosion had happened, but even though the lake was low there were several hard core fisherman with camp stools and sun umbrellas trying there luck by the waters edge. Upon reaching the head of the lake I stopped to take a photo or two of a rock climber on a bolted route descending. Several years ago when I lived in Shibata city I was invited to climb the same section in some borrowed climbing shoes. Basically the route I climbed was a big long bolted slab so it was not too difficult. Pictured above are a few pics taken while cycling around the lake.


DAN said...

Your posting inspire every time I read them. I am recently owning a three speed of my own, I want to go bicycle camping before in snows here.

Don Speden said...

Hi Dan

I love 3 speeds as they are so basic and they never let you down. You should get out camping on your bike and buy a Carradice saddle bag with a Viva support rack and you could do almost anything. The saddle bag I use is a Carradice Nelson long flap 15ltr - 18ltrs

DAN said...

Sounds good, I will check into a saddle bag.