Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pottering about the hills of Shibata part 3

After riding around the lake I took a left turn through another long unlit tunnel which led downhill into the village of Takadani Shinden . These small villages are full of historic homes that in the past would have had exposed traditional thatched roofs but because of the difficultly in restoring them and the heavy snow most are now covered with tin. Pictured above is a fantastic Japanese Kura ( Storehouse ) which is in great shape sitting by the corner of the road. After passing through the village I rode down to the local Shibata city camping ground which is in a nice setting alongside the Kajikawa river. After a short rest I tackled the last remaining steep climb out of the valley. It was tough going even in low gear but the Humber made it up and once I reached the top of the road it was all downhill to the village of Akadani and not long after that I was able to join back up with the cycle road which headed downhill back to my van. I'm sure of the total distance but it was only about 30km or so I think. The main purpose of the ride was to have some fun pottering about the hills on the Humber and it just goes to prove you don't have to cycle far to enjoy the ride !.


Brittney Lewis said...

I just discovered this wonderful blog and have already commented on another post, but I am glad to find another Humber lover! :) Unfortunately I can only gaze in admiration from afar, as I haven't found a Humber nearby yet, or close enough to fetch it myself. Any chance you know of places to find a ladies Humber- I'm particularly intrigued by the 1947 ones for personal sentimental reasons :) Thank you for this lovely blog!

Don Speden said...

Hi Brittney

Thanks for reading my blog and if you tell me where you live I may know some vintage bicycle collectors in your area who could help you out in finding a nice ladies Humber . Check out my Humber group on Flickr as there are some great examples of ladies Humbers in the photo gallery

Cheers Don

Brittney Lewis said...

Hi Don,
Thanks for replying so quickly! I have seen the pictures on flicker and they are lovely! I live in mid-Missouri currently, but also frequently visit Pittsburgh, and might be moving to the US east coast (Boston or Rhode Island) by next summer. Thanks for your help! :)


Don Speden said...

Hi Brittney

I think the best bet would be to post something on the 3speedtour website in the US , that link is on the top of my page. They have a forum and you can ask if anyone has a Ladies Humber for sale etc, somebody may have something or they might know where you can get one.

Good luck

Stuart said...

Hi Don, I just discovered this blog too. Very nice! I live up here in Kushiro in Hokkaido. I have a bike I brought with me from Germany back in 2003, but I never registered it with the police. Am I going to jail for a long time? Is it better to let sleeping dogs lie, or should I go register it? How do I prove I didn't steal it? I had it in Germany for six years before I had it sent to me here in Japan. Needless to say, I don't have any kind of proof of purchase. It must be the only bike of its kind in all of Japan. I somehow doubt that will impress the Japanese judge.

Don Speden said...

Hi Stuart

If you do get stopped by the police, they will give you grief for not having your bicycle registered, in saying that my Humber is not registered as I don't want to put the ugly green sticker on a vintage bicycle. Just go to your local bicycle shop and pay 500 yen and they will take down the serial number off the frame and your address details etc. It's quite easy and if you don't pay for the sticker, put a big lock on your bike so it won't get stolen and don't get stopped by the police .

Cheers Don

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