Friday, 30 September 2011

Return to Sado part 1

After viewing the heritage lighthouse and buildings we proceeded along the coast and by this time it was about 9.30am and we had been cycling for about an hour at a steady pace. The view along the coastline was fantastic and every now and then we would spot local farmers harvesting their rice crop. Also as it was starting to heat up so I removed my jacket in preparation for the long ride along the coast towards the port city of Ogi we we wanted to stop for lunch. There were so many interesting places to look at that we often stopped and took a few photos along the way. We stopped to photograph a large statue of a turtle, he didn't look too vicious so I sat on his back for a photo and after that we pressed on stopping two photograph a small tunnel that the road passed through. Along the coast road we viewed a number of small tunnels that had been boarded up due to new tunnels being built, the longest tunnel we rode through was 1.5km long !. Further along the coast we arrived in the small village of
Matsugasaki where we stopped to view yet another fantastic camping ground right by the beach. This is also the village were the famous Buddhist monk Nichiren 1st set ashore on the island.

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