Friday, 30 September 2011

Return to Sado part 3

The largest town we first came across on our ride along the coast was the port town on Akidomari. From here a passenger ferry goes to the mainland and it is also the village were the famed Hokusetsu sake is produced. This sake brewer has become well known for winning many medals at international competitions as well as producing the sake for the Japanese restaurant " Nobu " which is co owned by Robert De Nero . Inside the brewery were many photos of Robert De Nero as he has visited Akidomari several times over the years. The sake brewery was over 100 years old and beautifully restored and it would't have been right to leave without trying a few samples of the famous product which the staff offered to us , I'm not really a big sake fan and I was hoping that they had a beer for tasting as they used to produce beer as well up until a few years ago. But as time was getting on we departed the brewery and pushed on up the main street where we saw another old western style building now being used as a cafe , it looked very out of place in Akidomari, I'm sure Robert De Nero must have had lunch in here on one of his trips and just on the outskirts of town we saw a large boat that had been turned into a house !. Sado Island is full of surprises if you keep your eyes open.

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