Friday, 30 September 2011

Return to Sado part 4

After leaving the port town of Akadomari we pressed on along the coast to the larger port of Ogi where we wanted to have lunch. Although the road signs said it was only 15km to Ogi it felt a lot further and finally the port of Ogi was in sight. It was nice to finally reach Ogi and we looked for a Shokudo in which to have lunch . Shokudo's serve basic home style meals that are very reasonable yet filling making it the perfect stop for two hungry cyclists , by this time we had done about 70km so we were well in need of a feed. Just off the main street Brian my cycling pal spotted a elderly lady just about to bring in the flag from her Shokudo meaning that she was ready to close . But upon seeing the two weary cyclists approach she stopped what she was doing and said she could serve us lunch upstairs in her Shokudo. The 1st floor of her shop housed a tourist shop selling local goods and the 2nd floor was the Shokudo. We both ordered one of my favorite cycling meals Katsu Curry ( fried pork cutlets , curry & rice ) and of course a large bottle of beer. While waiting for our meal we took a look at our maps and decided which route we would take back to Ryotsu. The meal was fantastic and after a short rest we were back on our bikes and we stopped off in the port to view the tourists taking rides in the traditional wooden tub boats. The port was full of tour buses on one day pack tours and the tub boat operators were rather busy.

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