Friday, 30 September 2011

Return to Sado

Well after 12 years I finally returned to Sado Island which is 2.5 hours by car ferry from Niigata City . Why did it take me so long ?, that's not really important now, but what is important is that I had a fantastic time although it wasn't the first time my cycling pal Brian & I had bitten off more than we could chew. We didn't realize the coastal road would have some many steep hills and the steep mountain range we had to cross to reach the inland plain on the return leg of journey. The day started off with early as we decided to take the 1st car ferry that sails to the port of Ryotsu , it departs Niigata port at 6am. One thing that prompted us to do the trip was that the owners of the car ferry are running a campaign where bicycles travel free until Nov, lets hope they do this again next year. It was a fine sunny day and perfect weather for cycle touring so once we arrived in Ryotsu we headed left and followed the coastal road. Our 1st stop for the day was the view of one of Japan's top 100 light houses and buildings. It was a nice area and camping there would be fantastic. After a short stop we pressed on and tackled many short steep climbs before the road leveled off along the scenic coastline. Which we followed all the way to the port of Ogi.

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