Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cinelli 2012 bicycle range part 3.

So after after checking out the new product range we headed to a nearby Shokudo for a quick late lunch then turned around and headed back on the expressway bound for Niigata. I can't remember the model of the brand new Toyota that we rented for the trip but it was rather high tech and doesn't have a key , plus it can be driven in automatic or manual. Of course I had to take a photo of the Tokyo tower as it was located near the event we attended and we made a stop at a roadside service area in the mountains of Gumma on the way home. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these new models in store in the new year as they are sure to be popular , if you want one we are now taking pre orders for the 2012 range .


Jojoba said...

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Elizabeth Thompson said...
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Elizabeth Thompson said...

Beautiful this photo with the Tower ... and not bad even when you were traveling on the Toyota ... What is the problem of parking in Tokyo?

Don Speden said...

Hi Elizabeth

If you have ever been to Tokyo you would know why parking is difficult as it's very expensive and sometimes you can't even find a car park near where you want to go. If you live in Tokyo you don't need a car anyway as a bicycle would be enough. But I'm really happy to be living in Niigata rather than Tokyo as it's just too big and crowded anyhow.