Saturday, 1 October 2011

Return to Sado part 8

At lunch time we had decided to take route 350 back across the Island to the inland plain and after speaking to some locals this was the most direct route back to the port of Ryotsu. Because there were so many things to see around Ogi & Sukunegi we didn't end up leaving the village of Shukunegi until 3.45pm. After finding the start of route 350 we slowly wound our way up the mountain. It seemed to take forever and I was forced to walk several steep sections as the gearing on my Sturmey archer hub wasn't low enough for the large climbs. Finally we reached the top of the ridge line and could enjoy some fantastic down hill and according to Brian's cycle computer we were doing about 55km on the downhill sections. The Humber handled the journey very well but it must have been a bit of a shock going that fast down hill with the Lucas cyclometer ticking like crazy. Of course once we reached the base of the mountain range there was a flat section by the sea and yet another long climb before the final down hill into the inland central plan of the Island. After a refueling stop at a roadside shop I changed back into my jacket and put on my bicycle lights for the last 15km back into the port of Roytsu where we had started our trip at 8.30am that morning. It's not really the best of ideas to cycle tour in the dark but we had no choice and finally we arrived in Ryostu at 6.15pm and located a small super market to buy some food and more importantly " Beer" . We had to adjust our tickets as originally we had planned on taking the 4.05 pm car ferry back to Niigata but now we wanted to return on the last car ferry for the day which was 7.30pm. We were knackered to say the lest but even though we were rather tired we were happy to have completed our ride. On the trip back to Niigata I devoured yet another curry and several beers and we arrived back in the port of Niigata at 10pm. The total distance touring on Sado was about 115km so all up I did about 120km by the time I arrived home.

If you are planning on cycle touring in Sado take plenty of supplies if you are considering a multi day tour and there is very little in the way of supermarkets in which to buy supplies on the Island unless you are in one of the larger towns. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog posting as much as I enjoyed the trip. If you visit Niigata make sure you visit Sado but allow plenty of time as there is so much to see.

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