Friday, 21 October 2011

Uni cycling at Toyano park

Not long ago I started uni cycling again after a 20 year break and because of my limited time these days it gives me the opportunity for a hard workout in only an hour or so. I sometimes practice in front of my apartment as the street is nice and smooth with very little traffic and not far from my apartment is a nice smooth car park which I also sometimes use. But when I have a day off like today I put my unicycle in my van and drive across the city to Toyano park which also houses the Baseball & Soccer stadiums so there is tons of free space for cycling. I'm still practicing the free mount , I can do it but not consistently but my riding skills have improved and so have my turns. Today I managed to ride round around the outside of the baseball stadium with only one stop, man my thigh muscles were burning after that ride !. I'm sure with a lot more practice it will get easier. Pictured above are a few photos taken today at the park of my riding my Nimbus 24" freestyle unicycle. I have made a few minor changes which are :

Kris Holm 150mm ISIS moment cranks instead of the short Qu - Ax 125mm cranks as 150mm are far better to learn on etc.

I replaced the quick release seat clamp with a Nimbus double clamp for more strength

Also I have fitted Odyssey plastic twisted PC platform BMX pedals for a better grip and the Odyssey pedals have nice smooth bearings for their price range

Apart from that it's a standard Nimbus ISIS 24" 48 spoke freestyle uni cycle, it's super tough and is a perfect all round unicycle which can be used for freestyle, flatland , trials with the seat lowered and with an offroad tyre fitted it could be used for Muni as well.


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