Thursday, 6 October 2011

Work trip to Nagoya part 1

Apart from Surly's fat tyre bike range thay have just released a geared 29" MTB called the Orge which uses the same frame design as their popular 29" single speed the Karate Monkey . It a well put together geared 29" and comes in a vast range of sizes. One of the other bikes that Surly produces is the " Pacer " which is their road bike kitted out with the new 2012 Shimano Tiagra and instead of it being painted in British racing green it's now in sparkleboogie blue !. And from Allcity comes a new road frame & complete bike called Mr Pink, this is the 1st time that AllCity have released a road bike as their other bikes are all single speeds , track & cross bikes. It's an attractive bike fully built up and the frame set would make a great base for a custom road bike set up.

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