Thursday, 6 October 2011

Work trip to Nagoya part 2

After spending about 3 hours at the bike show, my ex New Zealand flatmate Shinya who resides in Nagoya city took us on a tour of the local bicycle shops , but like Niigata city many of the shops close on Wednesday's but one shop was open and that was " Circles " it was a fantastic shop and their workshop was about the size of my entire shop. Next to the workshop was a large sofa and drink vending machine were customers could wait while their bike was being repaired. The main shop floor housed a fantastic array of parts and bicycles from most of the major brands including Hunter & Cielo from the USA. Cielo is the revived brand from bicycle legend Chris King and the finish quality on his frame sets makes you want to slap your credit card on the shop counter and buy one straight away !. The 2nd floor of " Circles " houses their clothing store were they stock major brands of shoes, shorts, messenger bags, cycle tops etc. If you ever visit Nagoya go and see the friendly team at " Circles " as most likely they'll have want you want. That evening we ate together with Shinya's family at a Yaki ton ( grilled pork ) restaurant which was awesome and finished off the night at one of the smallest rock & roll bars I have ever visited. We left Nagoya at 10.40pm back on the bus bound for Niigata city and arrived home just before 6am, a long trip but well worth the effort.

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