Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lugged bicycle frame construction

Recently I have been thinking about building a classic lugged bicycle frame for myself as after having built about 10 replica penny farthing bicycles over the years I thought it might be a good time to start on a conventional type frame. At present I'm building my last replica penny farthing for a customer in Tokyo and really enjoying it, apart from the fact that living in Japan makes building such a bike a rather long and difficult task as all the parts have to be imported from NZ, Australia or the USA. But as this bicycle is to be my last replica penny farthing I'm taking the time to make it authentic as possible to the late 1880s style.

I recently purchased the above book which I'm currently reading and later next year I hope to start building my first lugged frame. I've never attempted to build such as frame before, but then again I didn't know anything about building replica penny farthing bicycles either back in 1994 !, so I'm sure with a lot of study it's possible. If you are thinking about building your own lugged bicycle frame I recommend the above book as it's perfect for the beginner.

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