Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Powder snow and wheel building !

As part of my 2012 New years resolution I have been cycling to work since Jan 2nd, living in Niigata ( Snow Country ) makes that quite a challenge but so far my trusty 2012 Kona Jake has been preforming rather well and this morning I rode into work through 15cm of fresh powder which was quite fun, but the ride home this evening in - 2 deg took a bit longer but I didn't fall off and the Maxxis mud buster tyre's grip really well even in snow which is great.

As today's weather was pretty bad my bicycle shop was rather quiet, but it also allowed me time to do some wheel building. The above photos show a Velocity B43 deep alloy rim laced 3 cross into a Gran Compe track hub with Mac spokes, the rim I was using today was made in Australia but Velocity has just recently moved their production facility to the USA, which will then make Velocity the only (Made in the USA) rim manufacturer as all the other rims are either made in China or Taiwan. Plenty of other companies have copied Velocity to make deep rims for the booming single speed / fixie market such as H plus Son that are made in China !.


Chris said...

Looks like a bit of a challenge! I like to travel with my folding bike partly so that it's easier to switch to other forms of transport when I encounter bad weather. I know some places in Japan it's allowed to take bikes on the train - have you looked into that at all?

Don Speden said...

Hi Chris, Yes you can take bikes on any train you like in Japan for free as long as you fit the bike into a bicycle bag and with a folder that is super easy.

jack said...

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