Friday, 3 February 2012

Before & After

Pictured above are a series of 3 photos taken outside Furumachi bicycle upon arriving to work on the 3rd of Feb. It's my daily chore to shovel all the snow from in front of my bicycle shop everyday. If I missed a day it would be frozen and very difficult to move. The 1st photo shows what it looks like before shoveling and leaning against the wall is my Kona Jake cross bike that I cycle to work on every day. The 2nd photo shows what it looks like after about an hour of shoveling and the 3rd photo show it nice and clean after a rare appearance from the sun having melted the remaining snow. Of course when you live in the snow country this is part of your daily routine, but many shop owners in the city don't bother to clean the footpath at all making it dangerous not only for your customers trying to enter the shop but passing pedestrians and of course cyclists. I do get a lot of nice comments from locals on how clean the footpath is in front of my shop and wish others along my street would do the same.