Monday, 27 February 2012

Miyata Super Carbon MTB restoration

A little while back I was contacted by a customer in Hiroshima regarding his Miyata Super Carbon MTB that he wanted restored so after a few e mails and some advice we both came to an agreement on what type of restoration would be undertaken and today the bicycle arrived by courier. I've been looking forward to this restoration since my customer first made contact with me as back in the early 1990s Miyata sponsored the famous American MTB racer Greg Herbold who rode for Miyata for a number of years and lent his name to a number of their products. The bicycle in question was only sold in Japan and is kitted out with a full Suntour expert group set with a micro drive crank set which features a 20 T granny gear and a big ring of 42 T with a 8 speed cluster. The serial numbers that I found today indicate that a number of the components are from 1992. Overall the frame is in good condition and apart from the clear coating on the top tube cracking and some slight oxidation on the alloy lug sections it's cleaned up pretty well. Today I totally stripped the frame and cleaned the following parts , crank arms and chain rings, front hub and Ukai rim. Basically the main components with be cleaned and some new parts will be added to complete the restoration. Keep an eye on the blog for further updates as the restoration progresses. Pictured above are a few photos I took of the Miyata today.


johny said...

just amazing parts..

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