Thursday, 9 February 2012

Product review - Ground Effect , Jacket & pants

Hi Everyone

It's pretty rare that I bother to do a product review, but after using Ground Effect cycle clothing now for over 15 years I must say that everything that I have bought from them is outstanding and as Furumachi Bicycle currently does not stock any cycle clothing I thought I'd do a review on my favorite New Zealand made Ground Effect items. First of all Ground Effect is a small New Zealand company that produces a wide range of cycle wear for road, MTB or even touring so basically they have got something for everybody. If you are looking for the latest in fluro lycra, covered with crazy logos don't bother checking out their website. But if you are like me and prefer plain colors and clothes that are made to last and manufactured in NZ. Then Ground Effect made be what you are looking for, they do not sell their products in shops but prefer to only sell their items online to save costs which in turn gives customers a good product at a reasonable price.

Ground Effect - Storm Trooper Jacket

For years I owned various waterproof, windproof & breathable cycle jackets some of them were very good and made from GoreTex but in the end they have all have started leaking and wore out far too early for the amount of money I spent on them. Last year I was in need of a good quality cycle jacket that was waterproof, windproof & breathable so I consulted several NZ cyclists ( Ex MTB club mates ) and asked their opinion on best jacket to purchase. I also wanted something that folded up into it's own bum bag and could be clipped around your waist while cycling and small enough to leave in my messenger bag on a daily basis in case it rained while cycling to work. The Storm Trooper Jacket is what I ended up purchasing and the fact that it folds up into a small bum bag and has room for a wallet, phone etc while clipped around your waist and has under arm zip vents in case you get too hot , plus it has a hood as well are some of the reasons I decided to purchase it. I've been cycling since the 2nd of January of 2012 every day and believe me Niigata's weather in winter is pretty bad, wet snow, heavy rain , sleet and - 3 deg are just some of the daily conditions I face on my 8 km ride into work. This jacket has kept me dry in some crazy weather that most sane cyclists wouldn't bother cycling in at all, it does not leak at all and the quality is first rate. Basically I never leave home without it and have finally found a great jacket that I'll keep forever and when one day it does finally wear out I'll be buying another one.

Helter Skelters - Waterproof 3/4 pants

As mentioned above I decided to cycle this winter well that wouldn't have been possible with the Storm Trooper jacket and my Helter Skelters !, the Helter Skelters are windproof and waterproof 3/4 cycle pants also made in NZ by Ground Effect. Being a 3/4 length that roll up small to keep in your bag and you will not get your pants caught in the chain whilst cycling which is a problem with most rain pants. They have Velcro tabs that hold them just below your knees and plenty of reflective piping so that cars can see you as well. If you ever been caught in a heavy down poor and continued your ride home with wet underwear and thighs you will love these 3/4 pants for sure.

Pictured above are both the items I have reviewed and for more detailed info please check out the following website


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