Sunday, 19 February 2012

Surly Pugsley

Well as Niigata has a lot of snow at the moment I thought I'd take the Surly Pugsley out for a test ride in some deep snow. Mid day yesterday there was a break in the weather when the sun came out for a short while and some blue sky appeared and I had been eyeing up the parking lot across the street as a test track for the Pugsley, it had at least 40cm of powder snow as the owners of the car park hadn't bothered to clean it for over a week or more. So I jumped on the pugsley put it into the 2nd lowest gear and rode off the footpath & across the road and into the snow. It was amazing as it seemed to just float on top of the snow rather than sinking into the powder as most bicycles would have done. I think if I had let more air out of the tyres it would have handled the conditions even better. It was awesome and I was still smiling 2 hours later as it was an amazing feeling to be able to ride through such deep snow easily. If you wanted a bike that can go anywhere this is the machine to buy. So far my shop has sold 4 of these recently and no doubt they will slowly get more popular as people realize how much fun they are. Pictured above is the Surly Pugsley and myself and my mate Brian in the car park.

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Paulus Germanus said...

Check this out Don! A titanium frame unicycle accomodating Surly Large Marge rim! I can imagine it with Larry or Endomorph on. This thing has to float no top of snow (or sand) almost as well as your two-tired bike. I gotta buy this thing asap :)
(regretably I don't understand any german)

btw. Surly also had such a frame: Conundum Uni - but I find titanium much mora appealing.