Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Looking good !

Since starting this bike I have been faced with many hurdles and living here in Japan makes this build a lot harder and longer than it would have taken me back home in New Zealand. But things are looking good now as even with some American solid tyre tied to the front rim with bits of string and some nice British tyre tightly fitted to the rear wheel I have been able to make a very good mock up of the frame and the required angles needed to achieve an authentic looking replica ordinary. Many builders over look this vital step and either have no rake at all to the front forks or too much and I've seen some replicas where the gap between the backbone and the front wheel is huge, not only does this look bad but seems like the builder didn't really care what the finished bike would look like. Yes building an authentic looking ordinary is not a simple task but if you take your time you can build something that you will proud of and a bicycle that will be admired as well. I spent several hours making sure the backbone to front wheel spacing was perfect and only when the overall bike looked perfect I stopped working on it. The above photos show the results I achieved today and it would not have been possible with my favorite power tool the mighty Makita power file. The next step is to have the bearing housings fixed up so the C clips fit perfectly and after that the entire frame can be welded together.


llewellyn said...

Nice work , hope the finished product meets your standards.

Don Speden said...

Hi IIewellyn , Thanks for the comments and the customer will not receive it until I'm 100% happy with it so I'm sure it should work out ok.

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