Thursday, 26 April 2012

Keen Austin pedal shoes

For quite some time now I have been wanting a pair of shoes that were both great for cycling and for standing around in all day without getting sore feet. After splitting the right leather seam out of two pairs of Five Ten guide shoes I decided that Five Ten shoes were not suitable for me anymore. Which is a shame as I really like them and can purchase them through the bicycle shop using my staff discount, but alas they are not wide enough for my feet and after the 2nd pair split in the same position I decided to look at another brand. I had heard that Keen shoes from the USA made wide fitting boots, sneakers & sandals and when visiting a local shopping mall recently I tried on a pair of Keen Jasper outdoor sneakers. There were wide and felt fantastic, could this be the brand of shoes that actually fit me well ?. At the store I was able to pick up the latest catalog from Keen shoes and really liked the look of their multi purpose cycling shoe - the Keen Austin Pedal. This is what Keen had to say about it on their website : Lace up the SPD compatible Austin Pedal, and be ready for urban adventure on and off the bike. Handsome waterproof leather and classic Oxford lace design disguise the bike-ready performance of a recessed SPD plate underfoot. The Austin comes prepared for long commutes with a moisture wicking lining and toe-protecting rubber outsole to keep your feet looking sharp and feeling great. ずっと長い間、私は自転車用として優れていて、なおかつ日常用としても足が痛くならずにずっと履いていられる靴を探していました。以前にFive Tenガイドシューズのレザーの縫い目が裂けたことがあり、その後はFive Tenシューズは私には合わないと判断していました。Five Tenは好きな靴であり、私のショップを通せばスタッフ割引で購入することができるので、それらが合わないということは私にとっては残念なことです。しかし悲しいことにそれらは私の足には幅が足りないし、2足目の靴が同じ場所で裂けた時には別のブランドを探してみようと決心しました。私はアメリカのKeenシューズが幅広のブーツ、スニーカー、サンダルを作っていると聞いたことがあったので、地元のショッピング・モールを訪ねた時にKeen Jasperのアウトドアスニーカーを試してみました。その靴は幅広で履き心地も良く、自分にこんなに合う靴のブランドがあったのかと感じました。その店でKeenシューズの最新カタログを手に入れることができましたが、その中でKeen Austin Pedalという多目的のサイクリング用シューズが大変気に入りました。これらについてのKeenのウェブサイトでの注意書きは次の通りです。:SPD対応のAustin Pedalは紐をしかっりと結んでください。そうすれば街中で自転車に乗った時も降りた時も大丈夫です。見栄えのする防水レザーとクラシックなオックスフォードレース・デザインが足の下に組み込まれたSPDプレートとともに自転車の素早いパフォーマンスを可能にします。防湿ライニングとつま先を保護するゴムソールを備えたAustinは足を保護して快適に保つので長い乗車にも対応します。
That sounded pretty good as what I wanted was the following : 1. A waterproof shoe ( It's rains a lot here in Niigata ) 2. Wide fitting toe box 3. Comfort on the bike and off - suitable for walking around in all day 4. Well made , tough construction etc 5. SPD pedal compatible 6. Does not look like a cycling shoe 7. Recessed cleat so you don't sound like a tap dancer walking into a store 私が欲しかった条件は次のようなものだったので、その点ではかなり良いと感じました。: 1. 防水靴(ここ新潟は雨が多いです)。 2. つま先の広い靴。 3. 自転車に乗っている時は快適で、降りてもその靴で1日中歩き回ることができる。 4. 上等で丈夫な作り。 5. SPDペダルに対応すること。 6. サイクリング用シューズには見えないこと。 7. 店の中で履いてあるいても滑り止めがタップダンサーのように鳴らないこと。
It's quite hard to find a shoe that has all the above features and my 3 year old Shimano MT31 cycle shoes are a good shoe for cycling and look kind of like a rugged outdoor sneaker but are not flexible enough to be comfortable all day off the bike and you can feel the SPD bolts through the inner sole. So today I received from a pair of Keen Austin Pedal shoes, they look very well made and are super comfortable but only time will tell if they are what I'm really looking for in a multi purpose shoe. If they are as great as all the online reviews I found for them I'll be rather happy. At a later date I'll purchase some new Shimano PD - M324 multi use pedals as I don't want to be clipped in while riding to work in the snow next winter. Pictured above are the Keen Austin Pedal and Shimano's multi use pedal the PD-M324 上記の条件をすべて満たすような靴をみつけるのは非常に難しいことです。3年履いている私のシマノMT31サイクルシューズはサイクリングには適した靴ですが、頑丈なスニーカーのように見えますし、自転車以外で1日中履いているにはやや柔軟性に欠けます。また靴底を通してSPDボルトの感触があります。今日、からKeen Austinのペダルシューズを受け取りましたが、見たところ作りも上等で履いた感じも非常に快適です。もっとも、私が今まで探し求めていた多目的シューズとしてぴったりかどうかは時間が経ってみないと分かりませんけれどね。私がインターネットで見た商品レビュー通りのすばらしいものであれば嬉しいですね。後日、私はシマノのPD-M324という新しい多目的ペダルを購入するつもりです。今度の冬に雪の中を自転車通勤していてペダルで足を打ったりしたくないですからね。上の写真はKeen Austinペダルとシマノの多目的ペダルPD-M324です。

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The US Cargo Bike Revolution doc trailer

With the rising price of gas world wide people are slowing thinking about being less dependent on motorized transport and there is a quiet revolution happening world wide with people using bicycles not only to transport themselves to work, but taking their kids to school, doing the shopping and using bicycles to haul items that they would have used their car for previously. Now many larger bicycle manufacturer's have started to take notice and now include cargo bicycles in their lineup such as Trek, Kona, Surly just to name a few , thinking about giving up your car and using only a bicycle , it can be done and more people are starting to do it, check out the video above from the USA to see the US Cargo bike revolution. ガソリン価格の高騰で、世界中で多くの人々が自動車に頼らない生活を考え始めています。通勤はもちろんのこと子供の学校への送りや買い物など、以前は移動手段として自動車を使用していたケースに自転車を使用するという静かな革命が世界中で起きています。今や多くの自転車製造メーカーはこのことに関心を持ち、例えばTrek, Kona, Surlyのようなメーカーが荷台付き自転車を製品のラインアップに加えています。自動車の使用をやめて自転車だけを使用しようと思えば可能ですし、より多くの人々がそういう生活を始めようと考えています。上のアメリカからの動画で、アメリカの荷台付き自転車革命をご覧になってください。

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Davos traditional touring bikes

The other day a customer of mine came to collect his new Davos sports touring bike so I took a couple of photos of it before he rode it home. Davos is a company from Nagoya that makes classic style sports touring bikes that are out fitted with a fantastic selection of Japanese components from makes such as - Shimano, Dia Compe, MKS, Sugino, Honjo, Nitto, Araya etc . It is also fitted with a dynamo lighting system and the dynamo wire is routed through the frame from the rear up to the front light which isattached to the front rack. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and if you are looking for a traditional style sports touring bike with classic down tube shifter's this would be perfect. Pictured above are a couple of photos of the Davos


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Restoration update - 1994 Miyata super carbon

One thing that was missing from the bike that I was in need of was some retro clear cable tubes these were very common on bikes from that period but nowadays most bikes have either internal cable routing or just use rubber donuts to protect the cable against rubbing on the frame. But when I stripped the Miyata there were remains of some clear cable tube but it was beyond use and fell apart. But just recently I had to strip and re cable another old bicycle and the owner didn't want the cable tubes so after some careful measurements I figured out that i had just enough tubing to complete the Miyata. All the exposed cables are now covered in period correct clear cable tubing and in doing that I was finally able to set up the unique rear cross over cables that must be covered in tubing to allow them to work. I have also fitted a Viva center stand at the customers requested and looks nice next to the polished alloy chain stays. I'm still waiting on a couple of back ordered items before it can be finished but it's 95% finished which is great.