Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Restore or re furbish ?

Restore or re furbish  , well that is a problem many people face when deciding what to do with a vintage bicycle. To fully restore a rare vintage bicycle can take a vast amount of time not to mention money and if the bicycle is very rare a full restoration would be the best way to go even if it takes years. Recently my customer purchased a 1960 Cinelli super corsa from E Bay and the seller was very honest in his description of the bike stating that it was indeed a 1960 Cinelli super corsa but had been re furbished by Cyclart in California back in the early 1980s and the owner requested that a full set of modern braze ons be fitted to the frame including a rear center pull brake bridge . It was mentioned that the bike was originally owned by an esteemed collector of vintage bicycles in California which doesn't make sense to me, as what collector in their right mind would add a full set of braze ons to a vintage Cinelli and have the frame lugs painted instead of getting them re chomed etc.

 Maybe the so called esteemed collector was short of funds and opted for the cheaper refurbishment rather than  full restoration , to restore the Cinelli the entire bike would have needed to been sandblasted , taken to the nearest plating shop to have the entire frame and fork re chromed then back to the paint shop to have the chrome sections masked off while the remainder of the frame was re painted back to it's original color scheme and the transfers added before getting a final clear coat. Sounds like a lot of work , yes it would have been and it would have cost quite a lot to bring it back to a high standard. To me as a bicycle restorer and mechanic it seems a shame that this frame has been altered in such a way but will nether the less give it's new owner many years of enjoyment.

Thursday, 5 July 2012