Friday, 31 August 2012

52 " Replica Ordinary

In my spare time , which is not that much I have been slowly constructing a replica 52 inch ordinary / penny farthing bicycle for a rider from Tokyo. At first I refused to build the owner a replica as I knew it would take a long time and living in Japan makes doing something like this a lot harder, first of all there are no parts available in Japan so any replica parts that have been purchased have come from the following countries - New Zealand, Australia, USA & England. The remainder of the parts were hand made by myself and now it's finally getting near the end and I hope to have it finished by Nov 2012. I'm now making the mounting step and front brake assembly and after that the handle bars will be made and fitted to the steering head. This is the 10th replica I have built and definitively it will be the last, so I'm making it as authentic as possible.  Pictured in this post is what it looks like so far

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sturmey Archer S - RF3 part two

Once the wheel was built I fitted it into the Fuji Feather CX and with the aid of some washers was able to get the OLD to 130mm so it was a perfect fit for the drop outs. The shifter is Sturmey Archers new 3 speed bar end model and makes installation very easy by running the gear cable along the down tube and under the BB to a frame clamp cable stop and then onto the cable adjuster. Nice and simple and it works really well. From 1st glance it still looks like a single speed cross bike but now has a better range of gearing . Pictured in this post are a few views on the completed bike with it's 3 speed hub

Sturmey Archer S - RF3

For quite some time I've been a fan of Sturmey Archer hubs, my father's 1947 Humber sports has it's original hub which is a 3 speed with a drum brake and it's has never let me down once while riding even on long tours. So when a customer of mine with a Fuji Feather CX ( single speed cyclo cross ) wanted more gears and the ability to ride faster I recommended the Sturmey Archer S - RF3 hub which is a standard 3 speed hub which allows you to choose whatever size rear cog you need . i then laced the hub into a Salsa Delgado cyclo cross rim with is a very well made rim available in 32 or 36 Hole with eyelets for added strength. In this post you can see a couple of photos of the rim and hub in the wheel truing stand.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

2012 Cinelli Gazzetta track bike

Pictured in this post is a custom bike I have just finished building up for a customer, it's a 2012 model Cinelli Gazzetta track bike which was originally bright yellow but the customer wanted a different color so the entire frame was re painted in champagne gold which looks great. The selection of parts was picked by the customer and uses many Japanese parts such as MKS, Sugino, Dia Compe, Nitto, Viva , Dixna . The bars are from Soma, tyres are Michelin Pro 4 with the yellow stripe and San Marco Concor saddle in yellow.