Friday, 31 August 2012

52 " Replica Ordinary

In my spare time , which is not that much I have been slowly constructing a replica 52 inch ordinary / penny farthing bicycle for a rider from Tokyo. At first I refused to build the owner a replica as I knew it would take a long time and living in Japan makes doing something like this a lot harder, first of all there are no parts available in Japan so any replica parts that have been purchased have come from the following countries - New Zealand, Australia, USA & England. The remainder of the parts were hand made by myself and now it's finally getting near the end and I hope to have it finished by Nov 2012. I'm now making the mounting step and front brake assembly and after that the handle bars will be made and fitted to the steering head. This is the 10th replica I have built and definitively it will be the last, so I'm making it as authentic as possible.  Pictured in this post is what it looks like so far

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