Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shibata to Takitani campground - part 2

After leaving the surrounding rice fields on the  outskirts of Shibata the cycle road starts to hug the mountainside and slowly winds it's way up hill passing through several small villages along the way. The cycle road bisects the main road in several places so care is needed at each crossing and barriers are placed at angles to deter the cyclists from speeding across without looking. The slight uphill is very pleasant in the shade of the trees and overlooks the Kajikawa river most of the way. Along the cycle road are several toilets and rest areas and it's not long before you reach the end. Across from the end of the cycle road is a shop with several vending machines perfect for the thirsty cyclist. From here you can contuine along the main road towards the hill top village of Akadani or take a left and head down across the Kajikawa river and up a short but steep climb to the Uchinokura dam which was constructed in 1973.At present the lake level is very low but has a great sealed road circumnavigating the lake. The view from the steep climb towards the lake offers great views of the village across the river. 

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