Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shibata to Takitani campground - part 3

The road surrounding the lake is really nice and there are almost no cars except for the odd fisherman, hiker or rock climber which is mostly on the weekends. As you can see from the lake level in the photos it's very low and the only decent flow into the lake at present is by a small mountain creek at the head of the lake . There is also a nice well maintained camping area near the head of the lake and on my way around the lake I came across a large group of monkeys eating by the roadside. I parked the bike up against the bank and creep forward to take some closer shots. There were several large monkeys and some babies so I didn't venture too close in case the mothers weren't happy to see me. I imagine the mothers would be very protective of their offspring and have been known to attack humans on rare occasions , but I did manage a few photos of them looking for food. After that I headed on around the lake until I came to a tunnel which leads down hill towards the village of Takitani back on the Kajikawa river .

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