Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shibata to Takitani campground - part 4

After a nice ride in the dark in the dimly lit tunnel you head back down hill to the village of Takidani and the next village up the valley called Takidani shinden before a quick short decent to the Takitani campground which has some great facilities for camping, picnics or you could even spend the night in one of their log cabins. After speaking with the manager he asked if I wanted to take a look inside one that could slept 4 adults for the cost of 5000 yen a night, which in Japan is a bargain accommodation deal with many places charging double that amount per night !. I hope some time to spend the night at the campground as it is close to Niigata city but right in the middle of the mountains with fantastic scenery. After leaving the campground it's another short but steep climb across the Kajikawa river and back up to join route  335 that heads downhill towards the village of Akadani and route 14 which heads back towards the cycle road for the return leg of the ride.  Just before the village of Akadani I stopped at a roadside fresh water spring to refill my camelback with much needed fresh mountain spring water.  The total riding time was 3hr 10mins and the distance was 45km which was perfect in such hot weather.


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