Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shibata to Takitani campground

Well today I had a day off work and the weather report was fine so I drove out to Shibata in my van with my trusty Kona Jake cyclocross bike in the back for a 45 km spin up the cycle road to the campground and back. If you have been following my blog for quite some time you&ll remember that this cycle road is one of my favorite places to cycle in Niigata - why ?, it offers such a wide variety of scenery & terrain  and makes great use of the old Shibata to Akadani cycle road. This time I parked my van at the local park and road from where the cycle road intersects a main road leading to the park. The first section is slightly rough with a little loose gravel but even a road bike would handle it I'm sure. The cycle road passes through the Shibata residential area before opening out onto the surrounding rice fields which  are in glorious gold with ready to harvest rice.

 The photos in this 1st posting show the sections of the cycle road described above

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