Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cycle Lanes in New Zealand

Hi Everyone

I have just returned to Japan after a visit home to New Zealand, so many things have changed since I was last in NZ after all it has been 6 years since I was home. Bicycle shops are booming, there is another kickboard / scooter boom thanks mainly to the Australian brand MGP and almost every kid rides a scooter to school . The schools have had to build scooter racks to keep the playground tidy and shops can not keep up with the demand for scooters and custom parts. One thing that really impressed me was the cycle lanes, they are everywhere making it safe for cyclists to commute to school or work. The photos in this post were taken in Napier City in the North Island of New Zealand and show the parking lane for cars on the left then a wide cycle lane ( 1.5mtrs ) and then the traffic lane . Everybody seems to follow the rules and I spoke to many cyclists who said the system works very well. Not all cycle lanes in NZ look like this as it depends on the total width of the road but every road has at least 1 mtr for cyclists to ride safely.


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