Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cycle Mode 2012

As I had not been to the annual bicycle industry trade show Cycle Mode for 2 years I decided to attend this year so took an early bullet train down to Tokyo passing through the newly renovated Tokyo station bustling with early morning commuters and hopped on the train bound for the shows venue Makuhari Messe which is just a few stops past Disney Land. I had to stand all the way until most customers got off at Disney Land ( I am so glad I do not live in Tokyo ). Anyhow I arrived at Cycle Mode early and the line for bicycle shop owners and staff was sill rather short, not so for the general public as already thousands were lined up waiting for their chance to test ride or just look at the latest in bicycle designs. I had a lit of our suppliers to visit plus I was also on the lookout for new products that would be suitable for our store. The 1st main hall contained many of the large makers such as Colnago , Gios etc, at present the main brand of road bikes I sell are Cinelli and recently Orbea which have great deals on 2013 bicycles with Cinelli dropping the price of their road bikes which will now be equip with Shimano instead of Campy. While some people might not like this if you have always wanted a Cinelli road bike 2013 is the year to get one. While Cinelli does not attend Cycle Mode I received a new catalog from them yesterday showing their products for 2013. This year most most makers have cut their single speed/ fixie lines as that boom is now over in Japan and as ever road bikes are most popular but cyclo cross bikes are very popular now as well. Japan has started to hold more high profile cyclo cross races so there has been a big interest in the type bicycle. As I ride a 2012 Kona Jake I can easily see why they are the perfect all year round bicycle, slick tyres for the summer and nice fat off road tyres for the winter months and now many of them come with disc brakes as well.

 One of my favorite bikes at the show was Soma Fabrications Trademans Cargo bike , A fantastic design based on the old delivery bicycles of long ago - 26 inch wheel in the rear with a 20 inch wheel up front and disc brake mounts with a nice sturdy platform at the front for mounting a large basket of any type. This is available as a frame set only but gives you the option of making your very own custom cargo bike. The upper portion of the frame would be perfect for mounting a sign board as well. If I buy another bike this will be it !.

Apart from the bikes above there were lots of new colors like the bright yellow Surly pugsly pictured below and some interesting frame designs from some of the smaller builders and even a few classic road racers as well. If you have never been to a bicycle industry trade show check it out as they are a lot of fun as most makers also have a test ride bike as well. At Cycle Mode there is a large indoor test track which proved very popular , where else can you test ride so many new bicycles at one time. If I was not so busy I would have loved to test ride a few new bikes myself, instead I ended up walking the aisles loaded with new catalogs and my camera - 2013 looks to be quite exciting !

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Jenny Watson said...

WOW! All the pictures are looking so cool thank you very much for the sharing.

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