Thursday, 1 November 2012

Furumachi Bicycle event Oct 28th

For those riders who did not stay up all night partying at The Local we held a Sunday morning ride starting from the bike shop at 8am. The original plan was to do an 82km ride out along the coast and head inland to the Mt village of Yahiko but as the weather looked suspect I decided on a new route and headed to Sakata lagoon instead, on riding out of the city we could see in the distance some approaching rain clouds but as we were only riding out 20 km to the lagoon I thought we should be ok. There was a good mix of riders and bicycles and on arriving at the lagoon some riders headed off to the local bakery for a late breakfast while others enjoyed the view of the lagoon. At that point we thought about pressing on to the village of Yahiko but upon checking out the weather on somebody's smart phone we could see the rain was rapidly approaching from the sea and heading towards us. My cycling pal Brian was acting as lead guide for the day and quickly came up with a slightly extended course  which went around the lagoon and over a small hill ( not so small for some riders on their fixies ) and then headed back towards Niigata city on the popular coast road. On the return leg of the ride we encountered some rain but everybody had waterproof jackets with them so it was not a big problem. On arriving back at my bicycle shop we had cycled about 50 km and for some of the newer cyclists in our group this was the longest ride they had ever done. I plan to hold a 50 - 60km Sunday morning tour about once a month next year as everybody had such a great time. Pictured below are a few photos from our 1st ever shop ride.

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