Thursday, 15 November 2012

Japanese cycle tourist - Yusuke Ishida

A week or two back I met a Japanese cycle tourist called Yusuke Ishida who was in Niigata city for an  event sponsored by a local English school called Speak Up . He is a famous cycle tourist in Japan and cycled around the world by bicycle for many years and to fund his passion for cycling adventures he has published many books and when not touring in some far off country he travels around Japan promoting his books and giving talks on his adventures. Even when I was teaching English I saw the posters advertising his slide show and thought they looked interesting but due to work commitments I never had the chance to attend. One of the events he held whilst in Niigata city was a short group ride in the city and I was asked to go to the Minato tunnel park and show off one of our fat tyre bikes - The Surly Pugsly . It was my 1st real chance to take it on a longer ride and enjoyed the spin along the seaside bike path with a short detour to the top of a small hill in a local park, that bike can climb really well with is super fat tyres and low gearing. Pictured below is the Pugsly  at the top of the hill over looking the sea of Japan .

At Minato tunnel I met up with the owner of Speak Up English school and Ishida san and gave the crowd of cyclists a brief description of the bicycle and the type of surfaces you can ride it on e.g sand, snow etc . Many of the riders jumped at the chance to take a spin of the Surly and loved it. There was a large grassy area at the park that was perfect for a test ride. 

Pictured below is Ishida san and I with the Pugsly and it would be the perfect bike if he intends to cross Australia , others have already used fat tyre bicycles to cross some of the interior deserts of Australia with good success. Although I loved riding it I think I will stick to my cyclo cross bike , but if you are looking for a bike that can go anywhere get one. A quick search on Youtube with give you a good idea of what these bicycles are capable of and the amazing places they can be ridden unlike normal bicycles.