Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kona Jake 2013 review

Well as I have owned the 2012 model of the Kona Jake for almost a year now and love it for my daily commute plus I have done a couple of longer road rides of 100km , it really is a great all round bike that lets you go anywhere. On a recent Sunday shop ride I took a short cut along a very rough 4WD track that was full of large puddles and mud with no problems at all. As I live in Niigata I also ride it in - 2 deg snowstorms and have cycled in snow almost up to the hubs and the Jake has never let me down yet.

Just recently the new 2013 Jake arrived at my shop which is pictured at the top of this post with the 2012 model below it for comparison. Basically it is the same frame although the seat stays have been flattened and the chain stays where they join the BB are deeper as well and the Shimano 105 rear mech is gone being replaced by Tiraga instead . The most noticeable difference apart from the colour of course is the addition of disc brakes , I think disc brakes are fine as they offer better stopping power and there is of course less maintenance involved ( ie. cleaning your rims after riding in the rain etc ) but I wish they had put a better quality disc brake on the Jake. The bike comes equipped with Tektro Lyra brakes which only offer a very basic adjustment from side to side and you can not tilt the mount to get perfect alignment of the rotor, once set up they work quite well, but if it was my bike the 1st thing I would change apart from the cheap pedals would be a better quality mechanical disc brake. Also for 2013 the tires are more of a road tire than a cyclo cross tire so if you fancy a bit of off road riding or a winter commute swap the tires out for something with more grip and save the new tires for summer. It rides very well and with a few basic changes would be a great bike but at the same price as the 2012 model it is a really good deal considering the added features.


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