Tuesday, 25 December 2012

1950s Royal Enfeild bicycle

Yes that is right , Royal Enfeild also used to make bicycles. Most people who know the name Royal Enfeild will think of their motorcycles namely the famous Bullet which is still being made but now in India not the UK. Royal Enfeild did make a line of roadsters and a few sports bikes at their factory in Redditch before they along with several other well known makes were brought up by a larger company and dissolved . A while back my mate Brian expressed interest in owning a classic British made bicycle, this most likely came about whilst riding with me on my 1947 Humber Sports bike so I said I think I can obtain something in your size for a good deal as I had traded the bicycle pictured in this posting with another New Zealand collector many years ago and on inquiring about it he said he still had it and would be keen to swap it for some other bicycles. In the end it cost me 2 complete classic bicycles and an early 1920s track racing frame , but I had the Enfeild once again and it was recently brought to Japan as part of my baggage allowance on Air NZ.

The big is quite large 58cm center to top and is currently fitted out with a set of Cyclo Benelux gears, although they are very nice , they are not that durable for long rides so most likely this bike will end up a 3 speed with a new set of 700c wheels instead of the damaged chrome 27 inch rims that are currently on it. That will make it far more reliable and a lot safer to ride . It should look great once finished with a Carradice saddle bag and Bluemels mudguards , the perfect bike for a nice long ride in the countryside . Pictured below are a few photos of it in its current condition.

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