Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bike Packing

Hi Everybody

I hope you all had a great break over the New year and as Niigata is covered in snow and rather cold I have been day dreaming of the warmer months ahead. I just built up a Surly Moonlander fatbike for a customer and the end of last year and later on this month on the 26th & 27th there will be a fatbike demo day out in the mountains at Snowpeaks HQ , 10 fatbikes will be available for test rides from Surly & Salsa. My shop has recently become a dealer of Porcelain Rocket bags made by Scott Felter who resides in Calgary , Canada.  As I had my sister in NZ make me a custom frame bag out of an old SAG messenger bag I am quite interested in bike packing . It has become rather popular recently in many parts of the world and is just starting to take off here in Japan as well. The great thing about bike packing is that you do not have to attach racks to your favorite bike in order to head away for a few days but just strap on the bags you require to carry the items you need. Pictured in this post is Scott explaining how his bags work.

Happy Cycling

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Pandabonium said...

Cool video. When Scott pulls something out of a bag I am reminded of the cartoon of Bullwinkle Moose saying "Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!".