Monday, 21 January 2013

Fat bikes !

Well now we are in the middle of winter here in Niigata City but this year has been quite tame compared to last winter when it snowed hard almost everyday for 3 months or more. Recently here in the city the snow has not been so deep at all and my Kona Jake with the new panaracer buster x 700c x 35 tyres have been preforming rather well. If you are looking for a good off road / winter tyre for your cross bike I can highly recommended these Japanese made tyres. But when you are faced with really deep snow you are going to need a Fat Bike !. When my shop first opened and my boss ordered a Surly Pugsly , I honestly thought it would be hard to sell such a bike because of the price and it is certainly not your every day commuter !. Although having ridden it a few times and once over a longer distance it can preform quite well even in dry conditions but of course due to its massive tyres its going to be a lot slower than a normal bicycle. So far I have sold about six Surly Pugsleys and a couple of Surly Moonlanders. This coming weekend Motocross International the importers in Japan of Salsa & Surly are holding a demo weekend at the HQ of the SnowPeak the famous Japanese maker of outdoor goods as their HQ is located in the countryside of Niigata with a large space for camping in the summer and snow shoeing etc in the winter. This weekend the Fat bikes will take over the trails at the SnowPeak HQ . Pictured in this post is a photo taken at last years event.

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