Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Freeload rack system

A while back when I became interested in bikepacking I found a post that mentioned the Freeload rack system and was surprised to see it was designed in Dunedin , New Zealand. On further research I discovered it was now the rack of choice for many long distance off road cycle tourists and endurance racers. Although I will never complete the Tour Divide I was looking for a rack that did not require braze on rack bosses and could be attached to the back of my new Kona Unit hardtail 29er . Today the Freeload TR-1 rack arrived and I fitted it to my bike, it was very easy to assemble and adjust. I choose the TR-1 model as I liked the look of the side bars for hooking straps onto or attaching a pannier bag etc. At present it is serving no other purpose than a fender , but come some decent warmer weather and it will be used to carry my 2 man alpine tent on some overnight bikepacking trips , plus it is rated to carry 25kg if needed . This rack come with 3 pairs of different length metal stays so you can adjust it to fit either the front fork or the rear stays of any type of bicycle no matter what the design. Pictured below are a few photos I took of the rack this afternoon.

Lovey box which was stamped designed in New Zealand made in Taiwan 

Pictured above is the TR- 1 deck with side bars for attaching pannier bags etc, there is another model available that has a slightly curved front section with out the side bars 

A close up of the very clever ratchet strap fitting system that uses strong webbing and rubber spacers to securely hold the rack to any diameter of tube. The system comes with a security key that can be used to unlock the ratchet system for removal

Fully adjusted and fitted to the rear end of my 29er 

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Shawn Woolard said...

Oh my! This is perfectly awesome! Nice bicycle! I love this!